The Family Secrets Collection Every family has a story. And some of those stories are darker than others. In novels that marry the past and the present, Kate Morton weaves together intricate histories-and mysteries-of love and loss, and lives that are torn apart and mended again.
- the lake house - Fiction Became Fact: A Murderous Act What would you do to protect the one you love? When Theo Edevane disappears on Midsummer's eve, 1933, no one expects to see him again--least of all his older sister Alice. But seventy years later, an ambitious detective digs up the cold case and buried secrets suddenly come to light.
- THE HOUSE AT RIVERTON - The Ties That Bind Will Tear Us Apart On the night of a grand English country house party, a young poet takes his life. The two sisters who witness the act never speak to one another again, leaving the facts of what really happened that night untold. But decades later the unknown third witness, Grace, is ready to tell a story of her own.
- THE FORGOTTEN GARDEN - Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary, What Do You Really Know? In the wake of her grandmother’s death, Cassandra feels like she has nothing to live for. It seems her grandmother has other plans, though, as her last gift from beyond the grave sends Cassandra on a quest to discover the family she never knew she had.
- THE SECRET KEEPER - What Is A Crime Without A Witness? Laurel Nichols’ image of her perfect mother is shattered when she watches Dorothy commit an inexplicable act. But our eyes sometimes deceive, and when life carries on as normal Laurel pushes the incident out of her mind. Fifty years later, Dorothy is old and remembering things from a past life, prompting Laurel to reconsider everything she thought she knew about her mother.
- the distant hours - A Purloined Letter...
...A Missing Man
The past is never really buried. When a letter lost for half a century is delivered to Edie’s mother, a mystery is sparked, leading Edie to Milderhurst Castle where the eccentric Blythe sisters still nurse a sixty year old secret. What really happened that fateful rainy night in October 1941, when Tom Cavill failed to arrive for dinner and Juniper Blythe appeared in a bloodstained dress?
The Authoress While many authors have written beautiful stories of family dramas, some spanning several time periods, none have captured the passions we feel— in relation to love, war, family, loss and more-quite like Kate.
Slightly Disturbing Postcards Communication is essential. As it often happens in Kate’s novels, though, communication is also quite messy: letters are lost or delayed, encrypted messages are decoded the wrong way, things are overheard and misunderstood. These Slightly Disturbing Postcards give you a tantalizing glimpse into the lives of some of Kate’s brilliant characters—and we know you can’t wait to read the whole story.